Private yoga classes

Practice one-to-one with me in person in Amsterdam or online from anywhere

Private yoga class

A private yoga class presents you with the unique opportunity to have a practice customized for your specific needs!
Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for long, whether you are recovering from an injury or suffer from stress, a private yoga class offers you a safe space to receive individual attention.

A private class is a perfect way to practice based on your schedule, offering you more freedom and flexibility!
A one-to-one session will create a solid foundation for your practice, deepen your body awareness and help you find more balance in your life.

We start our journey together by understanding your intentions. I will create an individual program for you by combining my experience in Vinyasa with Yin Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine. Are you interested to discover more?

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From my students

For a year now I have private yoga classes by Paola. Her positivity and cheerfulness never fail to lift me up. But it’s her total dedication to yoga and her spot on ability to assess what approach fits best that make her classes essential for me.


Paola is a great teacher, relaxed and down to earth, you can tell she teaches with passion and care. She is grounding and uplifting exactly when it’s needed and she is also a funny soul. I asked her to help me with backbends and inversion and she is doing an amazing job in pushing me to overcome what I thought were my limits. I’m so glad to practice yoga guided by her.


In the journey of the past year, I definitely learned a lot from you, the practice and especially the teachings. You have been one the few that has managed to discipline me in a practice for such a long time. Practicing with you was personal, fun and disciplined which I needed to stand again fully on my feet last year. Mindfulness and yoga are an important chapter of my daily routine and I am super proud I have learned a comprehensive practice technique and method by you.